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Fitting Into My Pants: Small Victories

I need a belt. 

This may sound like an odd, trivial statement but my pants are too loose. These are the same pants, two years ago, that hung in my closet with the tag still on them because I could not fit them past my thighs. I was to obstinate to return them. I REFUSED to buy the next size bigger. I have been having this experience a lot lately - pants, undies, jackets. I am the incredible shrinking woman. My clothes are my evidence. 

I had become frustrated by the pounds on the scale not diminishing as quickly as I wanted them to. This can be a bit discouraging but there are other victories to be celebrated outside of the dreaded scale. 


I had purchased this super cute blue jacket with polka dots. It was supposed to go with my red pants and stilettos. I was all psyched to try this new color blocking, mixed pattern thing. I stuck my arm in one sleeve and it got stuck. The arms of the jacket were too snug. I was so bummed. Fast forward a year later. Me and my Get Fit With Fe group are in the middle of the 30-Day Push-ups Challenge. I look into my closet Monday and thought, What the heck. I stick my arm into the sleeve  of that polka dot jacket and it fits. I get excited. I test the other arm and YES!!!!!! The jacket fits!

I got so amped I cranked my push-ups to 100 even when the challenged called for 75. I have been doing 100 push-ups since. Think I will do 100 push-ups every night until my arms get that Michelle Obama definition. 

Let's celebrate small victories.