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Not What I Used to Be

The conditioned air of the locker room, calmed my heated skin as I left the sauna. I, usually, sit in the sauna after my weightlifting class. It is a combination of cardio and weights - emphasis on the weights. I love the class because it is tough. Just when I am about to pass out, I glance at the clock to see if I am close to relief. I am usually just about 15 minutes in. lol. I bear down and grind through. 

The sauna is my reprieve. The heat melts away the soreness in my muscles and the stress in my brain. Barring the the sound effect producing woman who seems to think that grunting while sweating burns more calories, I enjoy my time here. 

The orange glow of the sauna light reminds me of hot summer nights in Chicago.  Street lights in the city produce an unnatural orange-slice phosphorescence so bright it coats the sky and hides the stars. We kids would run down the street, circle the street light, and race back to the porch in a game of 'it'.  The goal was to make it safely to the steps without being touched by the child in hot pursuit. I would run until my breath was lost, only stopping when I had reached the safety of my front porch. My skin glimmered tangerine and wet with sweat. I would sit on my porch steps exhausted and happy. 

Sweating makes me happy. I know that it is the result of hard work that will pay in results given time. I happily left the sauna that day feeling accomplished. I passed by the successive mirror panels and that is when I noticed it. Visible on my form where the lines of muscle definition. I turned to the left side and then to the right - selfies ensued. 


Although, I am not where I want to be in my fitness journey, thank God, I am not where I used to be. If I keep running, keep sweating, I will make it to my destination and rest safely there. 


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